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Tony has been performing professionally throughout the Richmond area for over 30 years.

He has graced the stage at such places as the Tony Supper Club, Columns Restaurant, La Grotta Supper Club (in Philadelphia) and several others to include the Hermitage in Richmond.

He has met and befriended countless celebrities over the years, such as Pearl Bailey, Andy Williams, Wayne Newton, Elvis Presley and especially the very inspiring Frank Sinatra whom he first met at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond.

Tony was born in Italy 40 miles away from where Frank Sinatra's father was born.  He came to the USA when he was a teenager and has always had a love for singing.  Tony even had the opportunity to take voice lessons from the famous Mrs. Terry Harris.

Tony certainly hasn't lost touch with the country of his youth.  In 2003 he was featured on the Internationally renowned "i Fatti Vostri" Italian television program.